The process of finding the right artist is time consuming and without existing relationship with a gallery, the most sought after artists are almost impossible to get.

24hdrop solves this problem and drops one artwork per week. We mainly focus on artworks by international emerging artists and give our users a curated selection of the most exciting positions on the art market today.

Once dropped, the users have 24 hours to decide if they want to buy the artwork or not. After 24 hours a raffle will decide who gets to buy the artwork.

To participate in the raffle, we block a certain amount on your credit card. If you are not lucky in being drawn, you’ll get the blocked amount back.

There are no hidden costs and you’ll know the tax and delivery costs before you participate in the draw. The delivery is made from Vienna by mail or special art transportation services (if needed).

Our mission is to open up the art market by offering our users are more curated selection in a playful mechanic. Everyone has the same chance to buy an artwork he or she falls in love with.